What We Do

Just as Financial Technology improves the world of finance you need experts to improve your discovery of talent.

From the most respected providers of market data to the industry’s latest disrupters, KA Stockton & Company has assisted with the needs of human capital for three decades. When your organization needs to achieve, develop, and innovative – we’re here to help. From job assessment through candidate evaluation - from wage dynamics to the conclusion of onboarding – we have you covered.

Covering all critical functions and levels:

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Sales, Client Services/Relationship & Account Management, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Sales Engineers, Product Development, Project Management, Financial Engineers, Implementation and Integration Specialists, Solutions Architects, Strategy and Business Development. Managing Directors, Managing Partners, Executive VP/Directors

Specializations & Expertise encompass:

Market Data, Electronic Trading, Software, Capital Markets, Credit Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, OTC Products, Valuation Products and Services, Fixed Income Analytics and Trading, Hybrid Products, Interest Rate Swaps, Quantitative Research, Compliance, Document Management, Structured Finance Solutions, Electronic Trading (Pre and Post-Trade), Algorithmic Trading (EMS/OMS) Market Data, Corporate Actions Data, Reference Data, Enterprise Data Management, Risk Management (credit, market, and op), FX, Order Management/STP, Performance Measurement and Attribution, Portfolio Rebalancing, Wealth Management Solutions, Event Analytics, AI, Big Data, Surveillance, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security, Predictive Analytics, Regulatory/Compliance Software, Block Chain/Distributed Ledger, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Science

Our Process

Quality assessment helps to build and grow; A word about inclusion

Proprietary and confidential, our stringent approach to the executive search process in today’s turbulent landscape is both comprehensive and collaborative while always keeping diversity in mind. Inclusion strengthens and facilitates new perspectives, and we discover individuals who will help your organization not only achieve the best outcome, but inspire positive change and the creation of emotional fitness. Our philosophy is that quality assessment helps to build and grow high-performance leadership teams.

Excellence is in the details

We thrive on fully understanding your perspective, culture, and the importance of providing a genuine executive search. Our process is never transactional and always sympathetic to both sides of the equation with the all-important goal of not only providing winning results, but also retaining that all-star lineup. We believe that excellence is indeed in the details.

About Us

We are a leading resource for workforce recruitment dedicated to the ever-changing technology, analytics and data that drive financial markets around the world. A spinoff of a well-respected executive search firm based in the metropolitan New York market, KA Stockton & Company is devoted to assisting vendors with the finest in recruitment and employment services utilizing the most confidential methods.
Supporting the vendor world in the pursuit of exceptional talent has been our mission from day one. We find exceptional people with personalities that understand the environment and possess the unique qualifications to get the job done.


Established in 1991, KA Stockton & Company was founded on a base of seven years of previous executive search experience to the financial information and technology industry. The company has been dedicated to serving the professional staffing requirements of the Financial Services industry for three decades.  Currently the team at KA Stockton & Company has a combined 50+ years of experience with Wall Street’s technology vendor requirements. We have successfully assisted hundreds of technology and market data vendors and continue to look forward assisting many more.

With combined recruiting experience that spans more than 30 years, we are not only reliable and committed, but most of all, qualified to help you select and hire at all levels of the organization.


Drop us a line and let us know what we can do for you!

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